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Aloe is a herbaceous perennial succulent Liliaceae, native inAfrica, tropical tree species. The aloe plant can be both in the open field and greenhouse.

Aloe vera is a plant is edible, beauty, wellness and functional medicine as well as decorative features. Aloe has complex components, generally can be divided into 6 major categories: anthraquinone compounds, polysaccharides and derivatives, organic acids and amino acids, enzymes and peptides, steroids and vitamins, minerals and similar types. For convenience to handle, use, transport, sell, many companies are processing aloe leaf extract to various products. These extracts mainly lots lyophilized powder, powder spray; Aloe normal water, fruit juice concentrate; aloe fruit, jam, etc. The products circulating in the market mainly aloe vera aloe extracts and products terminals.


International market status of aloe extracts

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On a global scale, aloe extracts circulated mainly in the form of lyophilized powder, powder and spray drying, it has been widely used in cosmetic materials, health food, drinks, products dairy products, daily necessities, medicine and other fields. According to statistics, the annual turnover of aloe material world and its products has exceeded 65 billion US dollars in 1997. Experts estimate that within the next ten years, the value of world output aloe industry will exceed $ 100 billion.


United States is the country has developed and applied the most aloe products. Begin to develop in the 1950s, the late 1970s and early 1980s the United States has been popular on the use of aloe products, then the nose-diving aloe, finally embarked on a the development of stable and healthy. Now, various items for the basic necessity in supermarkets in the United States related to aloe. It was developed more than 1500 kinds of products that contain aloe vera, producing more than 10,000 tonnes of aloe vera gel, gives Europe and dozens of countries around the world.