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Aloe Vera is a popular house plant, commonly known as miracle trees or plants healer because of its healing properties. Since it needs a warm, dry climate for growth, it is no wonder, the plant is derived from North America. Aloe Vera plant is short steaming, succulent plants can grow up to 80 or 100 cm.

It has lanceolate, thick, green leaves. They are fleshy and gritty. The leaves can grow up to 7 or 10 cm, 1.5-2 kg weight. The bottom leaves of the plant have medicinal properties. Its gel can be applied on the skin, meanwhile, leaves and seeds are the edible parts of the plant. Aloe Vera consists of four layers:

the outer protective layer called the crust, a protective plastic layer called bitter (it makes Aloe Vera is bitter), the interior of the leaves also called mucus gel and gel inside contains 8 amino acids. These amino acids are actually healing Aloe vera plant because they mostly benefit the human body but a human body does not have the ability to produce them. It is well known that this plant has healing effects on the human body. Many experiments have been conducted to determine if Aloe Vera gel only or the whole plant has medicinal properties. Below is a description of the procedures which determine the healing properties of aloe vera on the skin. Scientists point remove the leaves from the mother plant Aloe diffuse it started with polysaccharide-rich fluids.

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It is diffused from the surface directly under the leaves. They noticed that the leaf was trying to heal itself and in the process, it actually creates a polysaccharide that number far exceeds the number found in the original leaves immediately after removal. The actual healing process takes place through cell division. The faster cells divide faster healing process. The treatment attacks the leaves separated itself becomes a catalyst for similar healing process when entering into the human body.

Aloe Vera plant is three things when placed on the skin is damaged: 1. It quickly tore down the dead tissue; 2. promote cell division; 3. It blocks the process of scabbing, scarring result. The more quickly the damaged skin tears away the faster cell division and healing can begin.

That was the cardinal principles to heal wounds, wounds, burns, lesions and sores. Aloe also stops itching and, therefore, that after scratching. This way allows the plant to heal wounds, reduce inflammation and tissue building. It is known that aloe has many other beneficial effects. Some beneficial effects of aloe, including healing effect on skin and wounds, reduce high cholesterol levels, protecting the body from stress, prevent kidney stones, high blood pressure reduction, smoothing gastritis and many others.

It helps treat gastritis and ulcerative colitis or other conditions. As a 100 percent pure dietary supplement, it will help you eliminate toxins from your body. Putting on a regular basis, Aloe Vera juice will make you feel better about yourself and effectively improve the body's functions.