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cheap aluminium composite panel

cheap aluminium composite panel could be easily exploited to carry out house DIY (do it yourself) homemade solar panel guides, which are available on the internet today, or the use of claims that are easily accessible electrical outlets today. Those who have previous experience in fixing up electrical appliances in the house you will discover that the task was to create their own solar panels house is very simple, although in this case there is a good guide, then there should be no problem.

How to start a cheap aluminium composite panel?

The solar panel makes the solar panel, so you need to know how to make a solar panel. The necessary elements to make your own solar panel is:

- Copper plate

- Two alligator clip leads

- The micro-sensor, which is cheap aluminium composite panel enough to read currents 10 to 15 micro-Amperes

- An electric stove

- Salt, tap water, sandpaper and sheet metal shears

Now you need to slice a piece using the exact size of the copper plate to the stove. Thoroughly clean the cheap aluminium composite panel or other signs of possible corrosion.


Heat the burner, when it comes to red-hot, going through a copper-red color changes to dark brown unreeling and ended up getting a thick black jacket over it.

Then the stove and cheap aluminium composite panel should be cooled slowly. A layer of soft red copper oxide to copper is likely to remain. Resist the temptation to eliminating black spots, as this may damage the red copper oxide, which is necessary in order for the solar cell work.

You will need this additional cheap aluminium composite panel together with a copper plate the same size. Use the alligator clips to connect the two cards together and place in a wide-mouthed container or bottle. Ensure that the two cards that you do not get in touch with all the others. Copper Red copper oxide plate should be connected to the negative terminal, as well as pure copper plate can be attached to the positive terminal. Saltwater supposed to cover the bottom of the plate, but the clips should be left to dry on top of the plates.

These methods treat the question as to how to make cheap aluminium composite panel at home. It can be used to create electricity from the heat of the day.